Half Leeds Private Care Homes below standard

The Care Home watchdog, the CQC, have only rated half of the private care homes in Leeds as ’Good’. The majority of the rest ‘require improvement’ with a minority rated as ‘inadequate’.

This was revealed by Leeds Councillor Peter Gruen a member of the Health Scrutiny Board in a letter to the Yorkshire Post on the 8th September.

Councillor Gruen reported that the Councils’ Adult Care Service had suspended placements to homes in the few cases where further action was needed.

As more and more of us will have to make the difficult and emotional choice to commit our loved ones to a care home. Being able to choose a care home that is within easy visiting distance can make a big difference to this difficult decision. This would be made easier if we could rely on local care homes  being ‘good’, or even ‘outstanding’. Sadly it seems that Leeds has a long way to go before that will be the case for the majority of people.

Councillor Gruen commented that ‘The reasons for such sluggish performance are also consistent – inferior leadership, insufficient care and quality and not sufficiently good relationships with residents.’

Councillor Gruen went on to note that all three council run homes achieved ‘good’ ratings and called on private providers to step up their commitment to leadership, supervision and resources and give Leeds residents the quality of care homes they need.