Halifax Care Home Owner Admits Failure To Check Care For Residents

A former manager of Elm View, a Halifax Care home, has admitted to Bradford Crown Court that she couldn’t cope with managing the home properly and as a result resident care suffered.

Faheza Simpson and the owner of the Care home Philip Bentley deny charges of neglect of elderly residents but admit that staff had to be constantly chased to carry out checks and also that one staff member was dismissed for unprofessional behaviour which included shouting at Simpson and other residents.

Another staff member was subsequently dismissed for gross negligence and incompetence.

The alleged neglect involves three elderly women who suffered pressure sores on the premises. Another resident fractured a hip but the staff failed to call an ambulance.

Simpson agreed that staff did not do as she told them to do in caring for elderly residents and agreed that she was under enormous stress in trying to ensure care standards were maintained but denies the charges of neglect.