Haworth Road Repairs Worry Local Residents and Councillors

Further worries about the quality of the road repairs being implemented by Bradford Council in an anticipation of the Tour De France Grand Depart have been raised by two councillors in Haworth.

District councillor Rebecca Poulsen said the repairs had covered up patches where the   setts had still been visible. These setts are part of the historic nature of Haworth and the concern was that the asphalt used to make the repairs was now in fact higher than the pavement in some places

This was also leading to worries about flooding as the old surface allowed for drainage which the asphalt did not

Both Coun Poulsen and Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council chairman Coun John Huxley also criticised the work as shoddy with Councillor Poulsen commented in the Keighley News: “I’ve never before seen such an atrocious job in my life,” and Councillor Huxley simply saying it was ‘appalling’.

Both Councillors commented that the potholes needed doing but were simply very uninmpressed at the quality of the work.

Also speaking in the Keighley News a spokesman for Bradford Council commented:

“The work has been carried out in preparation for the Tour de France, so the roads are in a suitable condition for the event.

“We have used micro asphalt, which needs a few weeks to bed in. We will also be giving it another sweep soon. After that, it will look much better.

“The only setts in Changegate are those underneath the old tarmacadam road surface. It may be some of these were visible because the road had failed in areas and had exposed what was underneath.

“We do not have any concerns about flooding where the asphalt is reported to be higher than the pavement, but will look into this.

They did not comment further on the quality of the work carried out.

Further details and pictures on this problem can be located at: http://www.keighleynews.co.uk/news/11121643.Row_over____shoddy____tour_road_repairs_in_Haworth/?ref=mmsp


O’Neill Injury Solicitors Comment:

Whilst this money is welcome to repair the potholes in the area which have been badly affected by the wet winter the Government might be better off addressing the grant that they give to Councils like Bradford on a year to year basis rather than a one off emergency payment. The Council have responsibility to repair potholes but the fact is that they need  adequate central funding to assist them in carrying out this task.

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