How Safe Are We In Hospital after Care Quality Commission Report Findings?

bed and pressure sore compensationHow Safe Are When We Go Into Hospital Or Nursing Home Currently?

The recent report from the Care Quality Commission suggests that over three quarters of hospital Trusts had safety issues identified.

Over 40% of Nursing Homes and  Home Care Services also had problems identified

Why is This a Problem Now?

Two main findings are clear. There is a financial squeeze on all Trusts as a result of the Governments continuing austerity programme

The second issue is lack of staff- both in terms of having the right skills and the right numbers available

What Sort of Problems have Been Identified?

  1. Patients being kept on a trolley overnight
  2. Patients not being properly assessed
  3. Medication mistakes in a nursing home
  4. Staff at a GP surgery not having right life saving training

What is being done to Tackle the Problem?

The report is the first from the new so called Ofsted style Inspection regime of the Care Quality Commission

The Trusts which appear to be most at risk have been targeted first by the Care Quality Commission so it may be that these results are not representative of the whole sector

The two main factors to remedy the problems are

  1. Good Leadership- the Care Quality Commission Chairman David Behan stated in a radio interview that the ‘leadership of an organisation sets the culture of that organisation’
  2. Good Management and Safety Systems- the better thought through and well implemented the system the less likely mistakes will be made

The report also stressed the need for a culture of openness as a key factor in confidence being rebuilt going forward

Further details of the report can be found here:

What should You Do if you Think the Care of You or a Relative has been Negligent or Inadequate?

If you believe that the care or treatment has been inadequate then a formal complaint will prompt a detailed response from the Trust or Nursing Care Home- their complaints procedures should cover this.

However if you are not satisfied with this response you may need legal advice. We are specialists in this area of law and we can offer  free, confidential no obligation advice on whether taking further steps to investigate should be taken.