How To Avoid Farm Accident Injuries- And Some Surprising Statistics

Recent statistics show that agriculture is the most dangerous industry to work in, a grim statistic that is repeated year after year.

But recent statistics also have two surprising twists. Firstly injury rates are highest in children aged 15 or younger and also surprisingly in adults over 65 years

Recent statistics from the US show that the fatality rate for farm workers was 21.2 per 100,00 full time workers- the highest for any industry. A further equally appalling statistic from the US is that between 2003 and 2011 5,816 farm workers died from farm accident injuries.

The deadliest type of farm injury is tractor rollovers and tractor overturns but tractors accidents are also from not properly hitching on the tractor and getting hair and clothing entangles in moving parts

Several farm safety recommendations can be made as a result:

  1. Always review tractors before harvesting
  2. Anything attached to a tractor adds to the risk of overbalancing and needs to be constantly monitored by the farm worker.
  3. Harvesting should if at all possible be carried out downhill to avoid the risk of tractor overturn

Other simple steps for safety on farms which are family run is to make sure even the youngest member of the family is aware of the farm safety procedures and of how dangerous farm equipment can be even when used properly.

Specialist Injury Claims Comment:

These statistics are striking as they show that many farm accidents are caused to family members who may not be employed on the farm but are simply helping out- as happens on a lot of family run farms. Tragic farm accidents involving family members can be minimised- if not eradicated altogether by simple safely procedures