Indian Restaurant Given Zero Rating For Safety Practices

Indian Restaurant Given Zero Rating For Safety Practices But Cleared of Food Poisoning Inquiry

Hygiene Inspectors in Nottingham gave good and bad news to an Indian Restaurant. They cleared the restaurant of any link with a campylobacter food poisoning in the city but then gave it a zero star for its food hygiene practices. The problems identified were dirt and food debris in the kitchen including a dirty yoghurt container and a lack of awareness of basic food safety procedures. The restaurant was investigated when three customers complained of feeling ill and campylobacter- a highly dangerous form of food poisoning was identified. The restaurant manager has indicated that the food safety inspection was a wake up call and has now completely revamped his food hygiene system in the restaurant.

What Is Campylobacter?

Campylobacter is a serious form of food poisoning normally linked to undercooked chicken. It can have serious effects that can include abdominal pain severe diarrhoea and in some cases the effects can be permanent. In rare cases there can be long term reactive arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome.