Jeremy Corbyn Suggests Failing Nursing Homes Be Taken Into Public Ownership

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has recently suggested that failing Nursing Homes should be taken into public ownership

The suggestion was made in the context of the growing concerns from both Local Authorities and the NHS about Social Care provision for elderly and infirm members of the community.

The speech was made to the Fabian Society and Mr Corbyn said the present social care system is at risk of breakdown unless the Government invests more money in the sector

He also pointed out recent figures from the Care Quality Commission which found that in the last year one in five nursing homes simply did not have enough staff on duty to ensure that residents obtained the care and attention which they needed.

As a result of this analysis Mr Corbyn indicated that if a Care Home failed in the future leaving residents at risk of being homeless then he said a future Labour Government would take failed care homes into public ownership to maintain social care protection.

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