Lettuce Food Poisoning Scare

woman ill with lettuce food poisoning

Can I really get food poisoning from Lettuce?

Yes, you can get serious food poisoning from eating lettuce. Any raw food that’s been washed with contaminated water can give you food poisoning.

Second time in one year that US lettuce is fingered for food poisoning.

We saw last year serious problems with lettuce food poisoning in America. We are here again. And it’s the same lettuce and the same part of the USA.

US health officials have issued warnings about Romaine Lettuce grown in the Salinas region of California. Their advice is to not eat any lettuce grown in Salinas. They go on to say don’t eat any lettuce whose label doesn’t say where it was grown.

An outbreak in April 2018 in the States made 200 people ill and claimed 5 lives. That outbreak was traced to water contaminated with cow faeces (poo).

This time so far 40 people have been reported sick in 16 states. Health officials say it is the same strain of E.Coli seen in previous outbreaks.

Why should we worry about Lettuce food poisoning in the UK?

It’s clearly a nasty situation and it’s sad that Americans have to worry about this,. But unless you’ve got friends or relatives in the states it isn’t really anything to lose sleep over is it? Sadly that’s not the case. The UK imports 75% of its fruit and veg. Whilst it’s true that we import most of our veg from Europe we also import from other countries, including the USA. Add to that the fact the in the states it’s not compulsory to label the origin of vegetables. In fact the American lettuce industry is only doing this voluntarily. So you can see there is reason to be cautious.

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Why Are There So Many Food Poisoning Outbreaks Linked to Romaine Lettuce?

All raw food is susceptible to contamination from dirty water. This means that cleaning raw foods must be done to a very high standard. However the delicate nature of Romaine lettuce and its highly corrugated leaf surfaces make it very hard to clean. Then those finely corrugated surfaces make an ideal home for bacteria. You can find out more in this article: You might just want to stop eating Romain Lettuce once you’ve read this

What should I do if I think I’ve got food poisoning?

See a doctor as soon as possible. E. Coli can be very serious, especially for young people, older people and people with poor health.

Get legal advice straight away. We hope you only have a very mild infection and recover quickly. However if it turns out to be more serious you may well want or need to take action against whoever was responsible for your food poisoning. It’s very important act quickly as it can be hard to prove responsibility and critical evidence can fade very quickly.

You will need expert legal advice. It can be tricky to prove responsibility, and you need to know what to look for and how to gather the right evidence. This is specialist work and we at O’Neill solicitors have built up a lot of expertise in this area. In fact Food Poisoning is our main speciality.

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