Mr D’Mello Nottingham- Dental Negligence Claims

If you have been treated by Mr D’Mello of the Daybrook Dental Surgery on Mansfield Road in Nottingham then the chances are that you will have by now received a letter inviting you to take a blood test.

Nottingham dentist Mr D'Mello claim

Nottingham dentist Mr D’Mello claim

If you are one of these patients then you may be able to bring a claim of personal injury for the stress, worry and inconvenience of the blood test even if you have not been infected.

Specialist Personal Injury Solicitors are bringing claims for this compensation so we strongly advise that you get in contact as soon as possible. We would be very happy to discuss with you the implications of what has happened in this unfortunate case. We have over 20 years experience of bringing personal injury claims like this and will ensure that the claim is handled quickly and efficiently to ensure you get your compensation as quickly as possible.

What Were The Problems at Mr D’Mello’s Surgery?

Mr D’Mello is accused of running Daybrook Surgery without complying with accepted levels of hygiene. This is crucial in a dental practice due to the nature of the surgery.

Instances that have been reported are a failure to comply with basic hygiene (such as washing hands between patients) and also the potentially more serious allegations of  failure to use sterilised equipment and disposable gloves.

All of the allegations above cover a period of almost 32 years whilst Mr D’Mello was in practice at Daybrook Surgery. It is a relief to know that the practice has now been taken over by completely new owners who have no links at all to Mr D’Mello.

As a result of the above almost 22,000 dental patients have been recalled in what is believed to be the largest recall of patients in the history of the NHS.

What are the Risks If You Have Received a Letter?

The good news is that experts have indicated that the chances of infection are very low. The tests are mainly to screen for the blood borne viruses Hepatitis B and C, and HIV.  All former patients who have been contacted should ensure that they take these tests for their own peace of mind. Reports indicate that not all those who were past patients have received a letter so to ensure that you safe if you are a former patient you should get tested even if you haven’t received a letter.

How Can I Claim If Tests Show I am Not Infected?

Compensation may be claimed by those who have been past patients of Mr D’Mello even if the test results are clear. The claim is based on the mental stress and worry caused by receiving such a letter- in  the same way as when somebody suffers a needlestick injury they will worry about possible infection until tested. Based on previous cases the law allows claims in such specific situations for the pain and suffering that has been caused.

Will Mr D’Mello have the Means to Pay for all of These Potential Claims?

Although the claim will be brought with Mr D’Mello as the technical legal defendant the any compensation will actually be paid by either insurers or the body who deals with claims involving NHS Practitioners.

What Should I do Next?

Quite clearly the first thing to do is to respond to the letter (if you have received one) and get the test sorted out.

After that- whatever the result– you should obtain legal advice from Solicitors qualified and experienced in this area of the law – to get advice from anywhere else you risk not getting the full compensation you may be entitled to.

At Specialist Personal Injury Claims you will always be dealt with by a qualified experienced Solicitor at all stages.  We will explain and reassure you at every stage of the case and you can be sure we will fight for the maximum compensation that the law permits.

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