NHS ‘Tripadvisor’ site for Care Homes

NHS Tripadvisor reviews for Car Homes

A new website that lists every care home in the UK and lets anyone review and award star ratings has been launched.

MyNHS, part of the NHS Choices website now includes Care Homes, allowing users to leave reviesw and ratings. This is intended to help people assess services.

The sie will allow families to compare services, and provides additional information on such aspects as safety, food hygeine, staff turnover and Care Quality Commission ratings.

Comments will be moderated to weed out false positive reviews however this doesn’t mean that all reviews published are reliable.

A ratings style website for Care Homes has been hotly discussed for several years now and it’s interesting to see that the NHS has finally stepped into the breach and launched this service.

Many reservations have been expressed about such a service. The National Care Association, which represents independent Care Home Providers, said that information can be quickly out of date and if a Care Home has responded to Care Quialty Comission rating this may not be mentioned in the site. This would be unfair to Care Homes that are actively improving themselves.

However Health Minisiter Aliaster Burt predicted that the site will “help drive up standards by highlighting poor performers which will mean they have to shape up their services or lose out”.

Other overserves have commented that until the Government recognises that the biggest issue the Care Homes sector faces is the serious finding crisis imposed upon it by Government there is little chance of any substantial raising of standards.

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