Northern Based Firm Fined for Workers Fire Injuries

A Durham-based firm has been fined £20,000 after two workers suffered burns attempting to tackle a fire at its factory in South Wales.

The Firm, Maxibrite Ltd had failed to carry out a suitable risk assessment and in addition had no safety procedures in place at all for actions in the event of a fire.

As a result the men tried their best to tackle the fire but suffered severe burns to legs and hands which had required skin grafts.

The two men had been tried to bring under control a fire that had broken out in a tower that had stored briquettes. This failed to halt the spread of the fire so they opened an inspection hatch at the bottom of the tower. This led to hot cinders falling on them and they suffered burns as a result.

The HSE investigation found the firm had not carried out a suitable risk assessment for working safely on the machine and had also failed to provide adequate information, instruction and training for workers using the equipment.

A further complicating and aggravating feature of the incident was that despite a previous fire at the plant the firm had not produced as system to deal with the event of fire that might have meant that the injuries could have been avoided.

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O’Neill Injury Solicitors Comment:

This case shows that procedures for health and safety- so often derided as too fussy and overbearing- can be absolutely critical in helping to avoid serious injury. When the press comment on ‘Health and Safety gone mad’ they should think again in reading a case like this.

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