Nottingham Kebab Shop Owner Who Poisoned 140 Customers Gets Jail Sentence

A Nottingham Kebab Shop Owner Who Caused Food Poisoning For 140 Customers has received a Jail Sentence and a had to pay court costs of £25000 and £200 each in compensation to each victim.

The Owner and his partner pleaded guilty to seven food and hygiene offences

An investigation into the outbreak in Nottingham in June 2014 showed that the food poisoning responsible was E Coli- which meant that the contamination was from human faeces.

It seems that the cause of the infection was due to poor washing procedure and inadequate access to washing facilities for the 12 food handlers at the business.

The case was taken to court by Nottingham Food and Health and Safety Team who described the case as a serious outbreak – and of this type of infection only the second in Europe

Some of the victims were described their symptoms as feeling like they were going to die- and the medical evidence indicated that the effects of the infection had lasted for weeks and in some cases for months.

The case was described as one of the most serious of its type ever to appear before a court