Accident On An Airplane- Can I Claim?

Accident On An Airplane- Can I Claim?

If you have been injured in an accident on an airplane then you may be able to claim compensation.

Of course the main airplane accidents that are reported in the press are the ones that unfortunately may have led to loss or life or injury. Those type of accidents are thankfully relatively rare.

Apart from those mid flight collisions and engine failures there are a host of minor accidents which are not so widely reported but are surprisingly common.

The most frequent types of aircraft accident are as follows:

  • Slipping and Tripping Accidents- in the confined space of an airplane this is a common problem and hazard
  • Hot Drinks being spilled over passengers causing burns and scalds- another problem of the confined space
  • Luggage falling from the overhead lockers or cabins- this is a surprisingly common accident despite the efforts of air crew to to keep them shut at the beginning and end of the journey.
  • Touchdown or take-off mechanical failures or collisions

If you are injured in an accident on an airplane it is important to get legal advice as soon as possible after the incident. This is because there are strict time limits for bringing a claim which are different from accidents on the ground.

The other legal issue that will need advice on is who to sue.  The Montreal Convention covers all international flights. It is important to know if your claim is covered by this because if so it is subject to strict liability which effects what precisely you have to do to prove the circumstances of your claim. It also means that the it is easier to identify who you need to sue.  Another factor effecting who you need to sue is whether you booked your claim as part of a package holiday and if it is therefore affected by the Package Holiday Regulations.

To see if you are able to claim if you have had an accident on an airplane you should contact us for free no obligation advice. We will be able to offer you a No Win No Fee Agreement in most cases so that you are there no financial risks to you in bringing the claim.

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