Can I Claim If I was Involved in the Dover Ferry Accident?

Can I Claim If I was Involved in the Dover Ferry Accident?

p and o pride of privodence ferry accident claimTwenty eight people were injured on Friday 13th June when a ferry hit a wall in Dover harbour.

The ferry, the 28,559 tonne Pride of Provence operated by P and O ferries hit the breakwater as it entered Dover harbour at about 5.30 pm.

If you have been involved in the accident at Dover Ferry Terminal you may be able to claim damages for compensation.

The main injuries sustained were whiplash, shock and bruising and these were dealt with initially by medical staff on board. They were then transferred to William Harvey Hospital in Dover. The hospital confirmed that no major injuries were resulted from the incident

A spokeswoman for William Harvey Hospital later said the majority of casualties were being treated for grazes and bruises. Further details of the incident can be found at this link: :

It appears that damage to the boat was minimal and an investigation into why accident happened is being carried out.

If you were injured as a result of this accident you should contact us immediately.

This is to ensure that all the available evidence can be preserved as quickly as possible – this will give the best chance of successfully claiming compensation.

It is also important that you obtain independent legal advice. It is likely that the ship’s insurers will contact you directly and may potentially try to offer compensation amounts without proper legal advice.

We are specialists in this type of claim and we would ensure that you are not paid less in compensation than you are entitled to .

If you were involved in the Dover Ferry Accident and wish to discuss claiming compensation please pop in your details on the box opposite or contact us directly on or ring 01535 958778 and we will advise you on a No Win No Fee basis on how to ensure you are properly compensated for your injuries.