Accidents involving Animals

Accidents involving Animals

Accidents involving animals

Owners need to be responsible for their animals

Owners of animals have a duty to other members of the public when their animals are outside of the home.

The Animals Act 1971 provided that owners of animals were at fault and liable to pay compensation if their animal caused damage or injury.

If it can be proved that the owner was negligent and that led to the animal causing an accident then compensation will be payable.

The sort of situations that this can occur are when cattle stray onto a road or alternatively where a dog (who may or may not have had a history of aggressive behaviour) is not properly supervised or causes injury whilst not being supervised by the owner.

Such claims are not straightforward. It is also necessary to ensure that the person being sued has the means to pay any compensation.

As there are strict time limits for bringing a claim involving animals. If you have had an accident involving an animal within the last three years you should contact O’Neill Injury Solicitors immediately. You are guaranteed to receive prompt and friendly advice from an independent qualified and regulated Solicitor-  not a call centre operator or representative of an insurer.

At O’Neill Injury Solicitors you will also speak from the start with a properly qualified and experienced Solicitor who will in most circumstances be the person who takes on the case and who deals with it throughout.

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