Claims For Dog Bite Injuries

When Can You  Claim For a Dog Bite Injury?

You can claim in many circumstances when you are bitten by a dog and as a result suffer an injury

Dog bites are more common than are generally reported in the media- who tend to focus on the more nasty end of injuries.

Common circumstances are injuries bitten by a dog in a park or street and also when working- such as post office staff and other delivery drivers.

The basic rule is that if the owner of the dog has been negligent then you can claim for any injuries that have been suffered.

The Law that covers dog bite injuries is complex and you do need legal advice. The main Law that covers it is the Animals Act 1971.

This sets out that if the owner of the dog did not control it properly and the type of dog that caused the injury is of a breed which you would expect to cause injury then the owner is likely to be found at fault. He may also be prosecuted by the Police in certain cases and the dog might be put down.

The main problem in dog bite cases is firstly being able to prove the identity of the owner of the dog and secondly that the owner of the dog has proper insurance. If you are injured in a car then under normal circumstances the driver is insured. A dog owner is not legally obliged to insure their dog and whilst some do the majority do not.

Often the first task when assessing if you can bring a dog bite claim working out whether it is worthwhile to sue the dog owner- there is little point in suing if they are not able to pay the compensation that you may be entitled to.

Another option in dog bite injury claims is to lodge a claim with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). This is a government body which compensates innocent victims of criminal acts and has in past paid out when the victim has been injured by a dog bite when the dog has been used as a weapon.

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