Horse Riding Accident

Horse Riding Accident Claims

If you have been involved in a Horse Riding Accident you may be able to claim compensation.

At O’Neill Injury Solicitors we can advise you about whether you may be entitled to compensation and what you need to do after the accident to make sure you have the best possible chance of being successful.

A Horse Riding Accident can occur in a number of situations:

  1.  Whilst a spectator at a horse riding event
  2. Being injured when riding a horse and being thrown off because of the actions of a road or footpath user
  3. Being injured when riding a horse and not getting sufficient training by the horse riding school
  4. Being injured by a horse as a spectator or road user or visitor to a stables when the horse has not been properly restrained
  5. Being kicked or bitten by a horse

 How do you know if you can bring a claim for your horse riding accident?

To bring a successful claim you need to be able to show that the person responsible for the horse has not been sufficiently careful in ensuring that the horse does not cause harm; the same applies to stable owners.

This is a legal test that will be very much based on the facts of each individual horse riding accident and it is important that you get legal advice to know if the facts of your  accident will allow you to bring a claim.

 What Should You do if you have a Horse Riding Accident?

As soon as possible after your accident if you are able you need to take the following steps:

  1. Take photographs of the accident location
  2. Get names and addresses and registration numbers of all parties concerned
  3. If the accident has been in a stables and you are an employee make sure the accident it entered in the Accident Book
  4. If the accident is on a road or highway and you are injured make sure you inform the Police
  5. Make sure if you are injured you get medical attention at a hospital or your GP.

Any help that we offer will be on a No Win No Fee Basis- if we don’t get compensation for you then there is no fee at all.

To find out how we can deal with your horse riding accident claim on a No Win No Fee basis please contact us either by

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We are also able to see you at home if necessary.

The important thing is not to delay – the sooner we speak to you the better the chance of a successful claim.

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We want to ensure that you get every penny of the compensation you are entitled to as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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