Nightclub Accidents

Compensation for a Nightclub or Dance Floor Accident

For a nightclub or dancefloor trip, slip or fall you may be able to claim for compensation for personal injury.

A nightclub accident often occurs when you slip on spilled liquids or drinks on a dance-floor. Where a slip, trip or fall was caused by the negligence of the nightclub or its staff, it may be possible to bring a claim against the club for compensation.

All public premises including nightclubs owe a duty of care to their customers to allow them to use the facilities without being injured, and to take reasonable steps to prevent people from being injured.  This is particularly so when a visitor has paid to gain entrance.

One area where this duty of care is particularly important is when it comes to dealing with spilled liquids on the floor of the club, which might prove a slipping hazard to their customers.

Whilst it might not be practical in the middle of a busy nightclub to mop up all drink spills immediately, all nightclubs must have in place a system for regular inspections of all areas where such a trip might occur – one that allows the staff to quickly remove any hazards such as broken glass or spills from the floor of the club and which will lessen the chance of anyone falling over and being injured.

What should I do if I have an accident in a nightclub?

  • Make sure the accident is reported to staff and that it is put in the accident book
  • Take photographs of where the accident occurred
  • Take photographs of your injuries
  • Keep a record of any potential witnesses to the accident who may be able to help.

What sort of compensation might you receive?

Compensation for an accident in a nightclub is to cover for the pain and suffering and distress caused by the injury and also for any loss of earnings, medical fees, rehabilitation costs- in fact any financial loss that has been caused by the accident.

Are there time limits for bringing a Claim?

As there are strict time limits for bringing your claim if you have had an accident in a nightclub within the last three years you should contact O’Neill Injury Solicitors immediately. You are guaranteed to receive proper legal advice from an independent qualified and regulated Solicitor-  not a call centre operator or representative of an insurer.

We offer No Win No Fee Agreements to progress your claim.

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