Panorama Whistleblowers with Hidden Cameras Expose Nursing Home Abuse

Undercover reporters with hidden cameras have exposed appalling lack of care and negligent treatment at one of the largest care homes in the UK.

The shocking revelations show not just poor care but also mistreatment. The secret filming by BBC Panorama undercover investigators showed some graphic images of mistreatment and cruelty including:

  • A resident left lying in her own faeces and the care workers turning off the alarm as he asked for help
  • A resident with a terminal illness wanting to go to toiler not just ignored but had her emergency assistance cord unplugged
  • A resident with dementia was not just ignored but made fun of in front of other residents

These shocking events took place when the home was subject to a visit by the Care Quality Commission. The alarming fact remains that the Care Quality Commission passed this residential home as fit for purpose at the same time as these events were taking place.

The events took place at the Old Deanery which was run at the time by Anglia Retirement Homes Ltd. When told of the investigations they commissioned an independent enquiry resulting in the suspension of eight staff who have not subsequently returned to work.

The Care Home was taken over by new owners in 2013. The allegations of mistreatment occurred in 2012

The Care Home in Braintree in Essex was put under special measures by Essex County Council in in 2012. Average fees paid by residents are over £700 per week.

The Care Quality Commission indicated that over a third of care homes that received warning notices in 2011 even now do not meet basic standards

For more details of this Panorama report see:

Specialist Personal Injury Claims Comment:

These appalling revelations demonstrate that the Care Quality Commission urgently needs to be properly resourced to investigate and close care homes that fail to meet basic standards. It is saddening that such revelations only come to light when whistle blowers bring them to the public attention. The recent suggestion that Care Homes should have CCTV perhaps needs to be more urgently looked at. See the earlier comment by Specialist Personal Injury Claims on this at:…ence-and-abuse/

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