Serious injury

Serious injury Claims

Claims for serious personal injuries

Serious accidents have a major effect on both victim and their family

Claims for serious injury are ones involving brain or spinal injury  burns or serious fractures which have a significant and often catastrophic effect on the victim.

Because of special nature of the compensation that such serious injuries require it is vital that the person injured, or indeed a family member or dependent, seek advice as soon as possible after the incident.

There may be immediate hardship being suffered by the injured person or dependent that can be eased by the negotiating of an interim payment to meet financial commitments or pay for care or equipment that may not be available on the NHS. Despite the best efforts of the NHS to meet the needs of the Claimant they may be restricted – particularly in the present financial squeeze- from offering many services that may help to make the injured person more comfortable and the Dependants more financially secure.

O’Neill Injury Solicitors are experienced in dealing with such claims and may be able to claim such services as set out below as necessary

  • Alterations to the injured persons house to allow for instance a stairlift or downstairs extension to be built
  • Adaptations to the injured persons car
  • Arranging a regime of care and nursing as required
  • Arranging for the provision of domestic services such as home help, cleaners decorators and DIY support
  • Setting up a rehabilitation regime to maximise potential recovery as quickly as possible after the accident
  • Setting up any private medical services or surgery as soon as possible to maximise recovery prospects
  • Arranging the purchase of prosthetic limbs as necessary
  • Obtaining an immediate interim financial payment to deal with any loss of earning or income to date.

ONeill Injury Solicitors are specialists in serious injury claims. They appreciate that the repercussions of a serious injury can be devastating to both the injured person and his family, and are experienced in providing the necessary sensitivity and discretion – but also urgency – that such cases require.

It is absolutely essential, given the nature of such cases, that a properly experienced qualified and independent Solicitor is involved from the start. Not only can this ensure that the injured person obtains the very maximum compensation that they are entitled to but also that as far as possible arrangements are put in place to minimize disruption and stress, financial and otherwise to the injured person’s family. The appointment of the right independent and experienced solicitor in these cases can make a huge difference to the comfort and security of the Claimant and also their family and dependants.

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