Personal Injury Lawyer Chief Puts Bradford Council Right On School Accidents

A Letter from the Chief Executive of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, which represents Personal injury Solicitors has accused Bradford Council of overreacting when it said that Personal Injury Claims in Bradford Schools had got out of hand

The Letter, published in the Keighley News explained that Bradford Council is wrong to suggest that every claim was brought either fraudulently or without merit.

Deborah Evans , the Chief Executive of the Association agreed that part of the problem was that reporting of personal injury claims in the press- this led the public to believe that every knock or fall in school may involve a personal injury claim. This was clearly incorrect and was the the result of only the most unusual or bizarre claims being reported.

In the real world accident do happen involving children and it is only right that a parent should not be discouraged from bringing a claim on behalf of their child when the injury may be as a result of negligence that might have been avoided and should have been prevented.

She accepted that Bradford Council had a perfectly proper right to defend itself if they believed that a claim was not one that should be compensated but it was wrong of them to suggest that just because a case does not result in compensation being awarded by the Court then the claim was brought either fraudulently or improperly.

Claims against Councils do not succeed for various reasons and to suggest that a parent brought a claim for the wrong reasons was simply incorrect.

The real issue to be addressed was that children were being injured at school and often it was not their fault. Such situations should be properly compensated and investigated so ensure that the danger is avoided and the injury not repeated.

Full details of the letter can be found from clicking on this link   and the original report in the Keighley News is in the paper on 6th March 2014