Pressure Sore Claims- Can the NHS Afford Them?

Recent Case Where Catastrophic Pressure Sores Cost the NHS almost £3 million

APIL- the  Association of Personal Injury Lawyers- has highlighted the cost that pressure sore claims cost the NHS.

The campaign highlights an example of the human cost of pressure sores in the hospital environment.

The writer gave the case of a 61 year old woman who when she was in hospital developed pressure ulcers which caused an infection of the bone marrow.

This caused a shortening of her muscle tissue in her affected leg and a dislocated hip.

This lady was already in hospital because she had serious spinal problems but the needless pressure sores meant that the patient ended up much more disabled than she might have expected to be because of her original injuries.

She was in effect confined to a wheelchair whereas if she had not suffered the pressure sores she would have been able to undertake some basic household tasks and been much more mobile.

In her present condition she now needs two carers on a full time basis and the court awarded her damages of almost £3 million to pay for future care and needs and for her pain and suffering.

As the APIL spokesman commented- the best way to avoid having to pay compensation is to avoid the negligent care that leads to such appalling a situation as this.

Full details of the APIL campaign can be found here:


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