Can I Claim If I Have Food Poisoning from Real China Restaurant in Eastleigh?

Real China food poisoning compensation claimIf you have been affected by the Salmonella Food Poisoning Outbreak at the New China Restaurant in Eastleigh Hampshire you should certainly consider bringing a claim.

It is essential to act quickly, you must contact an expert as soon as possible. Essential tests meed to be carried out and they are very time sensitive.

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The Salmonella Food Poisoning Claim at the New China Restaurant is particularly worrying. The restaurant has closed down to allow Eastleigh Borough Council Environmental Department to investigate.

In addition there are some worrying stories about people who have been affected. These include up to 30 people including a three year old boy and also 20 year old man George Williams who has had severe vomiting diarrhoea and stomach cramps which all are classic symptoms of salmonella poisoning.

Mr Williams case is particularly worrying as there is a possible link to Crohn’s disease a chronic bowel condition, though he is still undergoing tests.

Full details of this story can be found on the Daily Echo website

The outbreak appears to have been identified as long ago as July 11th so anybody who believes they may have been affected should not delay in getting legal and medical advice.

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