Second Pret food allergy death revealed

Pret A Manger second food allergy death

It was revealed today that a second person had apparently died from an allergic reaction to a Pret a Manger product, this time a flatbread.

News of this tragic death again underlines some serious points. Firstly food allergy is not a fad, or a flippant matter. It can literally be a matter of life and death. Secondly,it is very hard to be sure that foods that you buy that have been prepared by others are really safe. In this case a yoghurt that Pret bought as guaranteed dairy free in fact contained dairy protein. Coyo, the supplier however denies its yoghurt is to blame for the death. Pret withdrew all affected products as soon as it was made aware of the incident by Bath and North East Somerset Council.

We are very pleased that Pret had already moved to start trialling full ingredient labelling on product packaging. The law currently only requires labelling to be on the display cases for products prepared ‘in-house’, not on the actual product packaging. Encouragingly Greggs said it too will urgently review its current procedures in order to understand how best to provide ingredient information to customers.

Theresa May has called for a review of food labelling laws in the wake of the first death, revealed in late September 2018. We very much support this review and hope it is implemented swiftly to avoid any such further incidents.

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