Shocking Inspection Report Leads to Care Home being Forced to Close

A Care Home for elderly residents in North Shields has been forced to close following two highly critical reports by the Care Quality Commission in quick succession in August 2015 and then October 2015

The Care Home- Cleveland Park in North Shields run by Orchard Care Homes Ltd- was described as smelling of stale urine and faeces in October 2015.

Not surprisingly the risks to vulnerable residents were identified as too great for the Home to continue to operate and it was closed down causing disruption to the 52 residents who are now being helped to find alternative accommodation by the Local Authority in North Tyneside.

The inspection in August 2015 flagged up serious concerns about the care being offered to the residents but by the time of further inspection in October very little if anything had changed for the better.

The Care Quality Commission have a number of key areas of inspection:

  1. Is the service safe?
  2. Is the service effective?
  3. Is the service caring and responsive?
  4. Is the service well led?

On ALL of these areas of inspection the care home was deemed INADEQUATE.

This level of criticism has happened to care homes before but it is extremely rare and is very worrying for three main reasons:

Orchard Care Homes Ltd runs nearly 80 other UK Care Homes – is to be hoped that this is a one off as far as that company is concerned

It is extremely worrying that the management did not take immediate action following the earlier inspection in August to address the serious failings identified

The residents who are now been relocated in other care homes in the area have suffered twice -both from the appalling care they seem to have received at Cleveland Park but also because the disruption of moving at this stage of life is so much more difficult to deal with.

It is to be hoped that Orchard Care Homes Limited carry out an urgent review of their other care homes to ensure that this is not a more widespread problem

The reports from local media can be found at

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