Shocking Nursing Home Abuse in Croydon, South London

The Daily Mirror today revealed an appalling case of abuse at Oban House a Nursing Home in Croydon, South London.

A 96 year old former seamstress was subject to shocking abuse. Her cries for assistance were ignored and she was repeated refused help to get her from her bed to the toilet.

The case only came to light when a secret camera was installed by a relative and it revealed abuse or mistreatment on the three occasions it was set running.

The management of the home described the video footage as ‘distressing’ 

The relatives who set up the secret filming said that things did not feel right with the quality of care but they could not put their finger on it. When the filming revealed what was going on they were shocked. They could not believe that staff who had seemed really concerned and caring were in fact causing misery and distress,

The Care Quality Commission the regulator  responsible for monitoring care home quality says the nursing home now meets all necessary standards.

Details and pictures can be found at:

Specialist Injury Claims Comment:

This further distressing case of abuse highlights chronic failures in the system. The fact that it was only revealed by the secret filming by concerned relatives adds fuel to the argument that care homes need CCTV as standard to protect residents and monitor staff.