Staff at Nursing Home accused of Neglect of Grandfather

A Grandfather was found to be so badly malnourished in a nursing home that his death sparked an investigation about the level of care being offered.

The Woodbury Care Home in Swallowfield Berkshire was accused of negligence and neglect as they were investigated by Police.

The neglect came to light when he was admitted to hospital and the extent of the lack of care was revealed.

According to his family that his foot was left to be eaten by maggots and additionally he was severely malnourished and dehydrated.

His shocked family could not believe the condition he was in when he was admitted to hospital.

The family have brought in specialist lawyers to investigate what happened.

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Comment on this Case: This appalling case shows the extent to which poor training and supervision can cause problems in nursing and care homes. It is vitally important to get the advice and assistance of specialist personal injury lawyers who deal regularly with such cases to ensure that the proper investigation required takes place.

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