Staff Ignored Infected Bedsores at Nursing Home Causing Death and £20,000 Compensation

Staff at a nursing home in Lichfield failed to notice infected bedsores on a resident leading to her eventual death.

This tragic case shows the vital importance of identifying bedsores and acting quickly.

Mfanwy Osborne (83 years and herself a retired matron had only been at the residential home for a short period but after three months she was rushed to hospital when the pressure sores she was suffering became infected.

She died subsequently  and Beechfields Nursing Home in Lichfield have subsequently paid out £20,000 in compensation to the bereaved family.

Further details on this case can be found here:

Comment on this case: Pressure sores and bedsores are often seen by staff and public as less important than other types of problems and injuries. Apart from the fact that they are acutely painful they can have tragic consequences as noted here.

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