Ten Reports of Food Poisoning At Michelin Starred Restaurant

The Celebrity Chef Heston Blumenthal’s newly opened restaurant has had to close down recently due to an outbreak of food poisoning.

The restaurant named Dinner which is located in London and has two Michelin Stars had to be closed down due to an outbreak of the winter vomiting bug

This restaurant had been booked for weeks ahead and though Heston Blumenthal said himself that the closing down of the restaurant might be something of an overreaction he was taking no chances when it came to potential food poisoning.

This may be due partly to the bad publicity caused when his other restaurant the Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire was previously shut down for a longer period.

Specialist Personal Injury Claims Comment:

Mr Blumenthal’s swift response here is to be applauded for not taking any chances with diners at risk in any way of potential food poisoning.