Tesco Food Poisoning Wrecked Our Chance of Starting a Family Claim Couple

The Supermarket giant Tesco has been sued by a couple who allege that food poisoning from a chicken bought at the store has wrecked their chances of starting a family

The couple were having IVF treatment. Due to the campylobacter gastroenteritis which she alleges were caused by the pre cooked chicken bought at the store she has used the two ‘free’ IVF cycles that are available on the NHS. They are unable to afford any more privately.

The couple claim that the food hygiene at the store in Barnsley was inadequate and led to the infection. Tesco admitted liability for  the food poisoning but did not accept liability for the resulting loss of the embryos.

The case is still to be determined but Tesco say that regarding the food poisoning claim and for potential food poisoning in the future they had taken action to tighten up on food hygiene and safety.

Specialist Personal Injury Claims Comment:

This case shows how far reaching the effect of food poisoning can be and how simply food hygiene and safety could have avoided the problem at the store. Hygiene standards where chicken is sold to the public need to be very high as there is always a high risk of campylobacter poisoning when standards are relaxed. 

Further information can be obtained at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2577344/Our-IVF-dream-shattered-got-food-poisoning-Tesco-rotisserie-chicken.html


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