The Grand Depart- Is It Making Keighley and Skipton Roads More Dangerous ?

With the Grand Depart only months away Skipton and Keighley roads may be suffering in getting the area ready if the situation in Glusburn is commonplace throughout the area.

 Local Councillors have called for urgent repairs to be made to a “deteriorated” road surface in Glusburn.

The Councillors concerned Philip Barrett and parish member Patrick Hargreaves have argued that the state of a quarter-mile stretch of the A6068 between Hayfield Mill and Glusburn Bridge is inadequate and dangerous

The Councillors said that the road surface was breaking up and several complaints had been made by local residents who have also said that the noise from heavy goods vehicles both day and night is becoming increasing intolerable.

Heavy goods vehicles are ripping up the road surface due to over use and the Councillors suspect that the improvements to other areas of road being made ready for the Grand Depart are meaning that this stretch of road is not getting the attention that is so urgently needed.

The Councillors said they feel like second class citizens. Whilst they accept the benefits of the forthcoming race they also believe that the limited roads budget is not being distributed properly or fairly

The Councillor added: “While I fully understand the unprecedented central government financial cuts facing the county council and the resultant diminishing budgets, I’m very concerned this road surface is now bordering on dangerous.”

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O’Neill Injury Solicitors Comment:

If a person has had an accident and are injured due to a damaged road they should consult O’Neill Injury Solicitors to find out whether they may have a claim . This can be if they have an accident on a road whilst driving or if they trip or slip as a pedestrian on a damaged road surface. If the Council has not properly carried out preventative maintenance or if there have been complaints that have not been acted on by the Council by local residents or drivers then this means that the claim has a much greater chance of success.

Claims for personal injury due to a damaged road surface are complex and will almost certainly be contested by the local authority concerned and therefore getting Solicitor involved is vital.

It would be a pity if the benefits of the Tour De France coming to Yorkshire led to increased road accidents because of roads being more unsafe. Getting ready for the Tour de France is fine but not if the other roads not being used are allowed to deteriorate to this level.

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