Three patients dead after Listeria Outbreak in Hospitals

The Good Food Chain

Three deaths and three more people seriously ill from eating chicken salad sandwiches in Hospitals in Manchester and Liverpool.

The affected sandwiches are no longer being produced. The Good Food Chain supplied the sandwiches and has voluntarily ceased production. North Country Cooked Meats supplied the meat for the sandwiches. They have also stopped production.

NHS warned 3 years ago about dangers of pre-packed sandwiches

Concerns about the risks of contamination in hospital sandwiches were raised in 2016. Food scientist warned that sandwiches are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. This is because sandwiches can be left on trolleys in warm rooms before being served, and also can sometimes be given out past their use-by date.

Numbers infected with Listeriosis may still rise

The incubation time for Listeriosis is up to 70 days. The sandwiches and salads linked to the outbreak were withdrawn on May 25. This means more cases of infection may still emerge.

The sandwiches were also supplied to other outlets such as shops, sporting venues, businesses and universities.

Watch out for these signs of Listeriosis

Listeriosis is a very rare illness. It tends to be harmless but can be serious for pregnant women and people with weak immune systems. In the most serious cases it can be life threatening. Symptoms can appear similar to flu and may include;

  • A high temperature
  • Muscular aches or pains
  • Chills
  • Feeling or being sick
  • Diarrhoea

If you suspect that you or anyone you know is affected seek medical help immediately

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