Top Tips to Avoid Valentine’s Day Food Poisoning- The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

Slough Council have taken the rather unconventional step of warning potential Valentine’s Day romantic diners that they should be careful about which restaurant they choose to have their intimate meal.

They are using the opportunity to remind would be diners that they can check the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme to try and assess how clean a restaurant is and whether they can be as certain as possible that the potential problems are minimised.

Most restaurants in the Slough area have a rating of around three stars- with a very small number having the exceptional five stars

What the other lower stars can indicate was graphically illustrated by a Council report on a Pizza shop on the High St in Slough being closed down for having an infestation of mice. The pizzeria is closed until the Health and Safety Officers are sure that they have resolved the issues.

The Council say that they are not trying to put people off going out on Valentine’s Night but simply to use the Food Hygiene Rating System to inform their choice.

If you have had a problem with a takeaway or restaurant and need to discuss your legal options with specialist Food Poisoning Solicitors  please ring for free no obligation confidential advice on 01535958778 or 07821809843.

And do enjoy your Valentine’s Day Meal too!