Top Tips to Avoid Valentine’s Day Food Poisoning

How To Have a Safe and Healthy Valentine’s Day Meal Out

Recent statistics from the US suggest that up to 65% of all food poisoning outbreaks can be traced back ultimately to food which has been prepared in a restaurant.

So this Valentine’s Night when having that special meal you may wish to take some basic precautions to avoid unnecessary food poisoning difficulties.

First tip is to check out the hygiene and safety certificates which (if there has been an inspection) will be normally proudly on display. Whilst not critical these are a good indicator that the restaurant owner takes food hygiene seriously and has it as a high priority.

Secondly- and linked to this- is to check that the glasses and cutlery (as well as the tablecloth) are clean and presentable. Again, even the best eating places can have lapses but these first impressions are critical.

Thirdly– and this is for those who have to check out dietary requirements strictly – such as those diagnosed as coeliac- do have a look at the mandatory list of allergens which should help you choose from the menu. Any restaurant which has not taken their responsibilities seriously in this regard should be treated with extreme caution.

(As a Firm of Solicitors who specialise in food poisoning claims – and Coeliac Claims in particular- we are constantly surprised (and disappointed) at how many restaurant owners see gluten intolerance as a fad and not a serious medical condition which requires careful dietary monitoring).

Fourthly, check the food is thoroughly cooked. There are of course recipes that are based on undercooking for flavour- such as steak etc- but any dish where this is not specified and is undercooked should be treated with suspicion

Fifthly, if you are taking home food in a doggy back make sure that you get it to the fridge within a couple of hours maximum. If you are unable to get it home and refrigerated in that time please leave the food at the restaurant.

Finally, if despite the precautions you may have taken above you may have suffered food poisoning and wish to bring a claim please do not hesitate to contact us on 01535958778 or 07821809843 for free no obligation confidential advice from a specialist firm of Food Poisoning Solicitors