Two Young Sisters from Keighley survive horrific dog attack

Two Sisters from Keighley Survive Horrific Dog Attack

Two sisters from Cullingworth suffered an horrific dog attack when they were visiting a friend’s home. The dog was a Japanese Akita according to the sister’s grandmother Lisa Reynoldson.

The girls suffered injuries to their legs arm, head, back and shoulder. They were treated at Airedale General Hospital where staff described them as having had a lucky escape.

The sisters, four year old Molly Watt and six year old Evie Rockcliffe had only been at the house for about 15 minutes. The dog apparently held Evie’s head in his mouth.

Keighley Police later confirmed that the dog had been put down. The details of the dog owner are unknown.

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O’Neill Injury Solicitors Comment:

This horrific attack shows the absolute necessity of keeping known dangerous dogs under close control at all times.

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