US-UK Trade Deal sparks concerns over food safety

food poisoning claim

A US-UK trade deal which leads to more food being imported from America could see our hard pressed NHS having to spend £1bn more each year.

Sustain, the farming alliance group, issued this stark warning. They examined the food safety records of the USA and compared them with those of the UK. Considerably higher rates of sickness and death from food borne illness in the USA were found.

Using the Food Standards Agency’s cost estimates of campylobacter infections (a common and potentially serious cause of food poisoning), the extra expenditure needed to deal with the higher incidence of food poisoning in American foods  came out at £1 billion pounds.

This sum covers the costs to the NHS and loss of earnings. If costs like additional hygiene inspectors are added this could hit billions of pounds.

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This article is substantially based on an article in the Farmers Guardian Feb 2018.