USA outbreak proves food poisoning can occur on any foods

Romaine Lettuce e.coli

Romaine Lettuce recall in USA

A serious outbreak of e.coli food poisoning in America and Canada is a stark reminder that food poisoning can occur with many foods. In this case the culprit is not chicken or dodgy beefburgers but Romaine lettuce.

For the second time in two years this popular lettuce has caused serious outbreaks of e.coli in North America. The previous outbreak resulted in five deaths and at least 120 people ill, this current outbreak has so far been limited to approximately 60 reported illnesses .

Luckily for our trans-Atlantic cousins the outbreak has now been declared over. Although any unlabelled Romaine lettuces, along with any labelled as produced in certain states, must still be discarded.

Stop eating lettuce

The FDA considered the outbreak so serious it withdrew all Romaine lettuces for a period to ensure a ‘clean break’ and on November 20th the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told people in the USA to stop eating and dispose of all Romain lettuces they had.

Please don’t think that there is something particularly dangerous about Romaine lettuce. As one food poisoning attorney said; “I think it’s just, Romaine’s getting a bad draw. It could have just as easily happened to other kinds of lettuce or other types of leafy greens, such as spinach.”

e.coli can occur on any food

We write regularly on the danger of thinking that only certain foods, like chicken or kebabs can cause food poisoning. The truth is that nearly every food type can carry bacteria like e.coli. We can only emphasise again how important it is to take care when eating out. You can read our guide to avoiding food poisoning in a restaurant or take away here.

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