What Changes are ahead for Personal Injury Claims?

The general public does not appear to be aware of what changes are ahead for Personal Injury Claims- which seems to be very bad news for those injured and very good news for those Insurance Companies looking to minimise the amount that they have to pay out in compensation.

Anybody who has the misfortune to be involved in an accident has disruption to their life and the pain of the injury to deal with. One of the ways that life has generally become safer in the last 20 years or so is that those who are responsible for causing accidents have had to pay out for these. So  even those responsible for causing injuries- if they are insured-  try to make sure they don’t lose their No Claims bonus by taking more care to avoid accidents.

The Government’ s changes to the law recently will come into effect in April 2013. The biggest change as far as the Injured Person is concerned is that their legal fees will be partly paid by them, the person injured-rather than in full by the wrongdoer- or their insurers- as at present.

This is a backward step- and will only benefit the insurers. Damages for injuries are already low in England and Wales and this will mean the injured person gets even less.

In addition because the new rules mean that there is likely to be less legal representation for people injured partly because lawyers will not be able take on the risk of some cases and partly because the lower costs mean that it is simply not economic to take on the case.

Again, these changes will all benefit the insurers- and injured people are likely to be paid less in compensation as a result.

A final change to come in is that the meaning of No Win No Fee is likely to change. The details of this are still to be worked out but the end result if likely to be a very confusing range of funding choices available to the injured person when they are looking to bring a claim for compensation. It seems clear that this will mean that at least some who are entitled  will be deterred from bringing the claim at at all because it will simply be too complex to get proper advice on their best options.

At O’Neill Injury Solicitors we will seek to keep our clients, new and old,fully  advised as to their best options to obtain rightful compensation from wrongdoer for their injuries.