What Do The Recent Farm Accident Statistics Tell Us About Farm Accident Claims?

What Do the Recent Statistics Tell us about Farm Accident Claims?

There are a lot of statistics about Farm Accidents both in the UK (compiled by the Health and Safety Executive) and in the Republic of Ireland where a greater proportion of the workforce than the UK is involved in farming.

What can they tell us about the types of Farm Accidents and the potential claims for farm accident personal injury claims?

The Republic of Ireland Figures are perhaps more useful as they break down the types of accident as follows:

  • Eight Deaths from machinery on the farm
  • Three deaths from falls from height on a farm
  • Two deaths from drowning and gas
  • One Death from electrocution
  • One death from livestock related incidents
  • One death from being crushed by falling objects.

These deaths tell a tale of how dangerous the farm is as a workplace. Some might be surprised to find that the livestock injuries comprise such a small proportion given the press reports on farming accidents that normally comes to the public attention.

The fact is that farming is one of the most dangerous injuries to be in involved in in the UK and Ireland and the sobering picture revealed by these figures emphasises this in a tragic way.

It is to be hoped that these figures cause farmers to redouble their efforts to ensure a safe working environment for their employees.

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