Will Scrapping Meat Inspectors Mean More Food Poisoning Claims?

Will the Scrapping of Meat Inspectors Lead to More Claims for Food Poisoning?

A recent report from the Trade Union Unison has warned that the scrapping of Meat Inspectors- which is planned by the Government currently- could lead to a greater risk of food poisoning.

Chicken bought in restaurants and supermarkets could be at greater risk if the Government presses ahead with European Commission proposals to remove independent meat inspectors from slaughterhouses.

The Report warns that even as things stand there is a serious risk that official standards to protect public health are not being met.

The report warns that removing independent inspections altogether is likely to lead to problems down the line in food chain in such areas as pies pastries and other products on sale in the UK.

The Union warns that it is like asking the slaughterhouses to ‘mark their own homework’