Defective or Broken Equipment at Work Claims

Defective or Broken Equipment at Work Claims

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Work Equipment is widely defined

If you have been injured at work by broken or defective equipment you are almost certainly able to bring a claim against your employers and O’Neill Injury Solicitors are specialists in this area and can help you to obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

When you are at work your employer has the responsibility to ensure that while you are there you are safe and the law and regulations make this a very wide ranging obligation.

In a workplace almost everything there is deemed to be work equipment. This means that it does not need simply to be something that is used to get the job done- such as a printing press or computer- but anything that is used whilst you are there.

So this means that if you fall of a chair or get an electric shock from faulty wiring you are able to bring a claim. The hazard or danger does not need to be obvious (such as unguarded machinery) but has a much wider interpretation, and as the liability is strict on the employer it is very difficult for an defence to be raised that a court is likely to accept.

The responsibilities on the employer are high to ensure that standards of safety at work are maintained – and therefore if you have been injured it is important to bring a claim to make sure that fellow employees will not repeat the injury.

At O’Neill Injury Solicitors we are specialist in tripping and slipping at work claims and we can offer a  No Win No Fee service and a free no obligation home visit if you wish to discuss the claim further at your own convenience.

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