Fall at work claims

Fall at Work Claims

Slips and falls at work are very commonAnyone who has had a fall at work and has been injured should seek legal advice because the chances are that you may be able to claim.

Since the Work at Height Regulations were implemented on 6th April 2005 the scope for bringing a claim was widened. The Regulations apply whether you work indoors or underground and there is no requirement for you to have fallen from a minimum height- simply that there is a risk of you falling.

The main types of accident that are covered involve ladders and stepladders or building platforms or scaffolding, but include also any place where you are required as an employee to work from a height and might fall at work.

Most types of workplace are therefore covered and include shops warehouses and offices – though for historical reasons the only ones specifically excluded (as separate rules apply) are shipyards and docks.

The Regulations provide that employers need to assess:

  • Whether it is possible to avoid working at height
  • To use equipment and other measures to prevent a fall at work where working at height cannot be avoided.

In addition they need to:

  • Plan and organise the work and undertake risk assessments
  • Make sure proper training is implemented and proper equipment is available
  • Consider the risk from fragile surfaces and avoid them if possible

The whole emphasis of these Regulations is to prevent the situation where a fall at work is likely to happen in the first place.

A fall at work is likely to cause considerable injury even if the place where the Claimant has fallen from was not particularly high. This is because of the risk of falling awkwardly or possibly causing an impact to the head which can have serious long term effects.

What should I do if I have had a fall at work?

You should immediately contact a properly qualified and specialist Solicitor as soon as possible after the accident. Delay in doing so can cause serious problems in getting the necessary evidence together to prove the fall at work occurred

What will I be entitled to if the fall at work claim is successful?

As well as recovering compensation for the injury itself you are entitled to claim for all financial losses that may result from the fall at work. This can include any loss of earnings and cost of care and housework during the period of recovery.

Will I have to pay for my claim?

No. We will bring the claim using a No Win No Fee Agreement.

We will ensure that from the start you speak to a properly qualified Solicitor do everything possible to make the process of claiming as simple and efficient as possible and ensure that you obtain the maximum amount that you are entitled to for your fall at work.

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We want to ensure that you get every penny of the compensation you are entitled to as quickly and efficiently as possible.