Yorkshire Farmer Escapes Fatal Injury In Horrific Farm Accident

A Yorkshire farmer has told the press about his miracle escape in a farm accident where he has dragged into a potato harvester

Darren Taylor lost his left leg and part of his right leg and elbow when they slipped between machines rollers. He had a battle for survival for over half an hour as the machine tried to pull his whole body inside.

He described himself as literally doing the splits as half of his body was pulled in and the rest remained outside. He described seeing what he thought was oil spilling out but he later realised it was his own blood.

Darren held on long enough for the alarm to be raised and it took nearly 2 hours for the machine to be dismantled on the farm to free him.

He then was flown to Leeds General Infirmary where he was an in patient for a three month period and he is now recovering sufficiently for him to be assessed for artificial arms and legs.

Darren’s accident is a horrific example of the dangerous machinery that can cause farm accidents even when the farm worker is familiar with it. Farm equipment is dangerous and a moment’s inattention can have disastrous consequences.